Bill Hutchison

Bill Hutchison is Chair and CEO of Hutchison Management International advising clients on economic development, technology and growth strategies; Chair of Waterfront Toronto’s i-Waterfront Advisory Council and their Executive Director, Intelligent Communities.  He is the Founding Chair of KINSA, The Kids’ Internet Safety Alliance, and Board Chair of the KINSA Foundation. 

Mr Hutchison was Global Chair, Telecommunications Industry for Ernst & Young and CEO and President of Consolidated Computer Inc, when it established new records for export sales to Japan.  For thirteen years he was a successful “serial entrepreneur” creating, managing and selling six companies in the consulting, software development and computer systems field.  He lived in Asia for a number of years where he advised the Hong Kong government on the creation of Hong Kong’s celebrated Cyberport Innovation Centre and he created and led the first American owned technology centre in Malaysia’s Multi Media Super Corridor, one of the world’s largest infrastructure developments in the late ’90s. 

Bill was Vice Chair of the National Advisory Board for Science and Technology, chaired by the Prime Minister of Canada. He was the Founding Chair of CANARIE Inc., which for the past sixteen years has led the development and operation of Canada’s world renowned national research and education ultra broadband communications network.  He was a founding investor and director of Precarn, Canada’s national robotics and intelligent systems centre of excellence, director of the Ontario Laser and Lightwave Research Institute, director of CRIM, Le Centre De Recherche Informatique de Montreal, Founding Chair of the Canadian Information Productivity Awards, Founding Director and Board Chair of CATA, the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance and former Governor of the Information Technology Association of Canada. He has also served as a director of fifteen public and private business firms in Canada and the United States.  

In 1983 he was described as one of Canada’s Knights of the New Technology in the book “Knights of the New Technology, the Story of Canada’s Technology Elite”.  In 1998 he was elected to the Hall of Fame of the Canadian Information Productivity Awards and in 2005 a panel of business and technology editors recognized Mr Hutchison as “One of Canada’s Top 30 Movers and Shakers in ICT over the Past 30 years”.  In 2006 he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Intelligent Community Forum of New York and in 2008 and again in 2009 Realcomm Publishing and Conferences of the USA called him “One of the World’s Top 35 Executives to watch in 2009 and 2010 in Real Estate Technology”.  In further recognition of his contributions and achievements, Bill was elected as a “Fellow” of the Canadian Information Processing Society; previously he received their Gary Hadford Professional Achievement Award “For Professionalism and Integrity” and he has received the Private Sector Leadership Award from the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance. Bill is a graduate in Electrical Engineering from McGill University.