Executive Coaching

What we do:
We work with our clients to create customized, needs driven coaching & training programs to bring employees and clients up to speed on new ways of working. We are experts in: innovation, collaboration, crowd-sourcing, new product introduction (NPI), software as a service (SaaS), social media, Web 2.0 and new ways of work.  We often work one on one with key executives to provide coaching on leadership behaviors to align with new vision, journey road maps, change management and provide ongoing coaching support when adapting to new roles. 

What makes us unique?

  • Helix has compehensive and proven training programs, such as: the Tech Learning Space, in partnership with IT World and the University of Waterloo, offering certification in social (LINK HERE).
  • We also partner with the University of Waterloo on multiple executive education programs on innovation and social for both Canadian and global clients.
  • Our academic qualifications allow us to bring deep, rigorous and proprietary frameworks and thought processes into any training session, whereas our entrepreneurial skills ensure that everything we work on is outcome driven. We work to understand our audiences so that knowledge transfer is a natural part of our program delivery experiences.

Select Client Experiences

  • Helix helped us develop a comprehensive customized training program for our C level executives on innovation and social on leading practices for: blogs, crowdsourcing, wikis, social networking, HR leading practices, Recruiting leading practices, etc. We needed to accelerate our knowledge know-how as we were making major investments in new collaboration and social infrastructure.”  SVP, Technology Strategy, ING Insurance
  • Helix helped train our C level executives on Innovation and Collaboration with Forrester Research to help us understand the value of social and collaboration and its importance to our business evolution.” VP, Collaboration Strategy, Technology Office, CIBC.
  • I needed a day away from the office to reflect, and think. Helix offers a unique 1 day experience called “A CEO Walk in the Woods” – and literally we walked for 7 hours with a gourmet lunch in between. I found the questions tough, I had to reflect hard, and also realign my business and personal balance in my life. I left inspired to keep up the winning pace of business.” CEO, Software Company.