New Ventures

Helix’s founder and CEO, Dr. Cindy Gordon, has a strong background in web technology start-ups and accelerating new ventures, having previously been a partner with Accenture and a partner in XDL Intervest, a privately held investment fund located in Toronto, Canada. She is also a founding member of the CEO Fusion Center, and the Toronto Maple Leaf Angels. She is an early stage Investor, Board Director or Board Advisor in startups such as: Bubble Labs, Cquay, Eloqua, Future State IT, GotGame, Got Marketing, Medworxx, QuickPlay Media, Novator Systems, Snipe Networks, TouchTown TV, True Context, and View 22. She also is co-founder of the Canadian Advanced Technology Association (CATA) Women in Technology (WIT) organization. Other start up founding organizations included: First Tuesday Toronto, an organization bringing early stage CEOs, venture capital, and enterprise(s) together to accelerate growth. Most recently she has has assumed National Vice Chair for iCANADA, a not for profit organization striving to increase intelligent city capabilities, and is also a Board Advisor to Technicity (promoting digital media and IT sector growth in Toronto, the third largest ITC sector in North America. For our clients, this means our pulse will always be on the moving trends.