Writing & Publishing

What we do:

Having written over 12 books, such as: Business Goes Virtual, Winning at Collaboration Commerce: The Next Competitive Advantage, and Why Buy the Cow?, we understand what good copy can do. We work with many of our clients, developing high impact customized published white papers or articles to support customer, new service offer positioning, or internal change needs. Clients include: Amdocs, Bank of Nova Scotia, CIBC, Cisco, MTS Allstream, The Swiss Government, SAP, The Ontario Government, The Federal Government of Canada, SAP, and Webex.

Whether your needs are: a purposeful whitepaper, customized training materials, client marketing materials, high impact presentations, or books uniquely telling your customer value stories, Helix has depth and expertise in providing business focused collateral’s like few other firms in North America.

What makes us Unique?

  • Having run P&L’s in large, global companies and founded our own businesses, we understand the need for objective, targeted and well researched copy.
  • Key to Helix’s copy-writing process is understanding our audiences and their requirements and drivers to ensure that tour client’s desired key messages resonates in impactful ways with the people who matter.
  • We have written hundreds of white papers, and over twenty books with Helix and our sister company, TerraForum.

What our clients say about us

  • Helix  interviewed ten top of their game SaaS and cloud computing CEOs to help us write and produce a compelling book on leading points of view on SaaS, resulting in an impactful title, Why Buy the Cow (SHOW LINK). This project allowed our global sales executives to reach C-level executives in a new way and engaging ways.” Subrah Iyar, CEO and Founder, Web Ex.
  • We needed to train our entire sales force on SaaS, cloud computing and social. Helix developed a high impact training program for our annual sales conference and received the highest evaluation of the top ten presentations during a week long conference.” Craig Brown, Senior Product Manager, MTS Allstream.
  • Helix has frequently talked to our top customers on the future of work and the importance of innovation and collaboration to attract, and develop top talent. They bring leading insights, entertaining delivery, and are always passionate about the future.” SVP, Microsoft, and President, CIO Association.