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Innovation Partnership Conference

Dec 5 2013 – Toronto, Canada
Join Dr. Cindy Gordon speak on Crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a relatively new form of informal financing of projects and ventures. This session will highlight the various forms and applications of crowdfunding from the micro scale to institutional investors and from projects ranging from social ventures to enterprise software. The speakers will describe the principle characteristics and will offer insights from a range of participants in this market and how the regulatory landscape of selling securities in Canada is changing. We will also explore the business models of crowdfunding intermediaries and illustrate some successful campaigns.

She is joined by Panel Members:
Michael McGrath, CEO, Optimize Capital Markets, Ayah Norris, Marketing & Community Manager, Indiegogo Adam Spence, Founder, Social Venture Exchange

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Local Investing in Waterloo

June 25th, 2013. Walper Hotel

Dr Cindy Gordon speaks with the honourable Mayor Halloran about local investing in the Waterloo Region.

Biz-Radio Canada

April 1st, 2013

Dr. Cindy Gordon Speaks on Biz-Radio Canada on Crowdfunding


Seeding Citizen Engagement in the City of Waterloo

August 21st, 2013
The Honorable Brenda Halloran, with Dr. Cindy Gordon.
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Women in Tech CEOS

August 14th, 2013
Running Software Companies with Dr. Cindy Gordon.
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Innovation and Healthy Gardens

July 17th, 2013
Summer of Innovation AcceleratorU Speaker Series
Dr. Cindy Gordon speaks on Innovation is like a Healthy Garden, sponsored by IBM, IT World Canada, and other leading organizations. For more information,

Innovation and a healthy garden july 17 2013 from Simon Brightman

Leadership in Intelligent Communities – iCANADA Conference

June 4th, 2013

Round-Table Collaborations with Moderated Panel Discussions with Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO Helix Commerce International Inc.
90% of Canada’s economy and population are now overseen by women leaders; what will this change and others mean to the consultative process?

Brenda Halloran, Mayor, City of Waterloo Animateur: Kristina Verner, Director, Intelligent Communities, Waterfront Toronto
Anne Sado, President, George Brown College
Cindy Gordon, Founder, Helix Commerce International; Vice President Crowdfunding, i- CANADA and CATA
Dianne Watts, Mayor, Surrey, B.C. Emily Boucher, Executive Director, CanWIT
Jade Raymond, Managing Director, UBIsoft Toronto
Kelly Hagen, Asset Planning Director, Ameresco Laurell Jno Baptiste, COO and Co-Founder,
Scholar Lab Sara Diamond, President, OCAD University

BioAtlantech: Problem Solving and Building your Global Community to Access New Markets: Using Open Innovation

March 26th 2013, Fredericton, NRC Building, UNB Campus Fredericton. 9 am – 11:00 am.

Cindy will be speaking with Cliff Pavlovic PH.D, Vice President & Co-Founder of BioTech Annecto, on building virtual ecosystems and networks to strengthen the NB entrepreneurial community. They will focus on Crowd sourcing ideas and people to solve complex problems & to produce new products/technologies and services and how to use social media to accelerate business & increase global sales.

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New Brunswick Women in Technology

NBWICT Luncheon Event, March 26 2013, 12:00 pm-1:00 pm

When: Tuesday March 26, 2013 noon – 1:00 p.m.
Where: Brewbakers Restaurant (546 King St Fredericton, NB)
Speaker: Dr. Cindy Gordon
Topic: Mentorship
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i-Canada Summit and Jubilee Dinner

Montreal, October 21st, 2012. 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM

Communities around the world are racing to create “constructed ecosystems” where knowledge generation replaces oil

as the fuel of growth. The goal: sustainable work and meaningful life, based on the concepts of Intelligent


The i-CANADA movement has channeling enthusiasm across the country, funneling it into new programs to catalyze the

development of optimal communities. In this Summit event, held in cooperation with the WCIT2012 Summit, i-CANADA


  • Pull together four regional summits that have ramped up to this event;
  • Bring in global experts to speak to issues of new social media financing; first responder technology test-beds,
  • and Women In Technology;
  • Celebrate outstanding Canadian leadership with an Awards presentation, where winners of the Queen’s
  • Diamond Jubilee Medal will receive their awards; and
  • Provide immersive entertainment where high technology meets theatre.

Cindy will be speaking at 2 PM with Sherwood Neiss and Mark Romoff on The New Finance, Crowdfunding and PPPs.

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BCTI Techforum: Crowdfunding 2012.

September 27, 2012  – 5:30-7PM

Topic: Crowdfunding

Join us for cocktails and lend your voice on the topic of crowdfunding.  Is it the answer for all entrepreneurs?  Will it become the new source of capital for start-ups, or will it fail?

Crowdfunding connects entrepreneurs to customers and non-accredited investors and it’s shaping up to be the next big financing model for entrepreneurs. This new model of funding is rapidly evolving and is generating much debate. With the US pushing through legislative changes to adopt crowdfunding, and with the need for entrepreneurs to find alternative sources of capital in Canada, what does crowdfunding mean for the future of Canadian start-ups?

Cindy Gordon, Chair of Invest Crowdfund Canada,  will be sitting on a panel with Nigel Cave, Partner at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, and Bret Conkin, VP Marketing with Vancouver-based crowdfunding pioneer, FundRazr, are ready to debate and discuss the future of this growing trend.

CanWIT “Ask the Expert” Webinar Series

May 29, 2012  – 12-1PM

Topic: Business Goes Virtual

Join Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO and Founder of Helix Commerce International Inc. and Co-Founder of explore how businesses go virtual leveraging collaboration and social media approaches to solving business challenges. She will address both for profit and not for profit examples from her new book, Business Goes Virtual She will speak for 15 -20 minutes and handle questions for 30 minutes.

Cindy is a well recognized expert, and change agent leader in the areas of business innovation, social media, and collaboration. She currently has 13 published books in the market. A new book in the labs is Social Roots expected to be released by the Fall, 2012. She is also the former Chair and co-founder of the Canadian Women in Technology organization (CAN WIT), and is a board director for CATA.

Speaker – Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO, Helix Commerce

Link: TBD

12th Annual Conference – Webcom Montreal 2012

May 16, 2012 –  Montréal, Québec

Topic: Business Goes Virtual

Keynote Speaker – Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO, Helix Commerce


IBM Think Tanks

Senior Executive Invitation Only – IBM Collaboration Centre

March 1, 2012
March 13, 2012
March 28, 2012
April 12, 2012 

Speaker – Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO, Helix Commerce

Community Leadership


Dr. Cindy Gordon joins iCanada as a Vice Chair. i-Canada is a ‘community in communications’.  Their goal is to effectively re-brand Canada  as the go-to nation for innovation and be recognized as a top ranking Intelligent (i) Nation.  Sponsors include: IBM, ING, and Helix Commerce.

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Canadian Women in Technology (CanWIT) (formerly CATA WIT):

Dr. Cindy Gordon is a co-founder and former National Chair of CATA WIT (now, CanWIT), a community network designed to boost women’s participation and advancement in the high-growth technology sector.

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