What we do:

We are world class providers of portal strategies and solutions, with experience in technology platform selection and business cases to deployment, user adoption / change journey roadmaps and overall portal strategies.

  • Strategy & Business Case: Is a portal for your company? What is the ROI? How will a portal fit into my company, and integrate with my internal clients? What are the best practices and case studies in the market? What are the customer’s strategic needs and the value?
  • Design & Usability Experience – Developing a compelling user navigation experience requires knowledge of product architecture, wireframing, aesthetics and effective website content writing services.
  • Technology Platform Selection: Based on your strategic goals and exiting infrastructure, we can work with you to decide which technology fits your portal needs best.
  • User Adoption / Change Journey Roadmaps: How can we best ensure that users will leverage the portal, using Helix’s proprietary expertise and best practices in Change Management.
  • Deployment: The creation and roll-out of the portal solution.

What makes us unique?

  • Recently, we have completed global portal and collaboration programs for companies like: CIBC and RIM. More importantly, Nielsen ranked our sister company’s work, Terraforum, with HSBC as one of the top 10 intranets in 2009, globally.
  • We have over 160 FT experts in portals to help our clients design and execute successful portal programs, certified in both IBM, Microsoft. We also use next gen solutions like Igloo, etc for our not for profit clients.

What our clients say about us:

  • We had engaged a  number of Tier One global firms before finding Helix to develop our global strategy for Enterprise Portals. They brought world-class expertise, passion and results. Their ability to convince senior executives to invest in improved practices is very strong. “  Vice President, Enterprise Portals, Royal Bank of Canada
  • We needed global benchmarking on leading web site experiences and a new design experience. Helix helped us do requirements to design work flawlessly.” Head of Banking, Tier One Canadian Bank.
  • We needed a new web site marketing and content management strategy and program to improve operational excellence. Helix helped us get on the right track.” CMO, Not for Profit Association

Realizing the Promise of Corporate Portals: Leveraging Knowledge for Business Success