Product & Services Innovation

What we do:
There is nothing more important than successful innovation outcomes and moving from ideation to commercialization success. We have spent the last seven years developing a next gen NPI process methodology rooted in collaboration, agile and open innovation practices. We help our clients either improve or reinvent their NPI life cycle experiences to achieve the growth outcomes they are targeting to achieve. Some of our client experiences are:

  • selecting new cloud NPI software solutions using proven functionality requirements;
  • designing customized NPI software solutions based on collaborative platforms;
  • developing business cases to support new product or service solutions;
  • parachuting in to augment product development teams with their “go to market plans;”and
  • supporting NPI efforts from ideation to commercialization, leveraging our deep core competencies in: Collaboration, Cloud, Location Intelligence, Mobile, SaaS, Social, etc.

What is unique about us?

  • We consistently bring to our client’s approaches rooted in leading practices.
  • We know that the best ideas are with everyone and everywhere.
  • We always bring fresh new ideas to successfully commercialize and sustain our clients’ products and services.

What our clients say about us:

Bell:  “Helix helped us to look at our overall SMB product and services funnels, and streamline over 300 programs into a clear and comprehensive management reporting practices. We had a very successful year of growth and we would not have achieved this without the help of Helix.” – Pat Tremaine, SVP Marketing, Bell Canada

SAP: “We are constantly developing new products and services and bringing them to market. Planning effectively new launches in local regions requires simple and effective tracking processes. Helix helped SAP simplify our NPI tracking practices and develop score card views to help us know what’s coming and what we need to be plan for successful launch.”  – SAP Sales Executive

MTS Allstream: “Helix helped us look at leading NPI benchmark practices and provide a rapid assessment of our current state to help us improve our internal practices. You can always count on Helix for leading practices and ‘thinking outside the box.’”  – Craig Brown, Senior Product Marketing Manager