Strategic Planning

What we do:

We help our clients develop strategic plans that are “ever-green.” Gone are the days for five year strategic plans. This is due increasingly to the realities of competitive and real-time global markets. Examples of our client experiences are:

  • facilitating  strategic planning requirements with senior teams, conducting internal or external insight interviews, leading workshops, gathering market research etc.
  • conducting competitive market (SWOT)  analysis to support strategic planning needs;
  • developing strategy scenario plans, anticipating different outcomes and developing leadership “call to action” plans;
  • incubating strategic new venture plans in high-trust environments and applying  guerilla “go to market” growth tactics; and
  • parachuting in tier one talent for  “turn around situations” that require tough nuts to be cracked.

What is unique about us?

  • We help our clients “unlock” old approaches and help them develop plans that are: agile, iterative, collaborative, and sustaining.
  • We bring methods, frameworks, skills and competencies to help our clients imagine “fresh and new” futures, so adaptive leadership is cultivated and sustained.

What our clients say about us

Bell: “Helix brought to Bell Canada SMB a $2B LOB, a strategic and program management set of competencies to align our new organizational structure. With three new businesses acquired from M&A efforts, they streamlined our operational resource accountabilities, tracked our program initiatives and refined our management reporting systems. They provided coaching, and our success as an operating unit was due to the foundations Helix designed and developed. They are an excellent partner, and I highly recommend them.” – SVP Marketing Executive, Bell Canada

MTS Allstream: “Helix helped us develop a new strategy for Software as a Service (SaaS) [and] cloud computing models. They worked well with our team, and delivered strong value to our organization.” – CEO, Enterprise, MTS Allstream.