Talent Management

Talent Management (attraction, development and retention) is one of the number one priorities of companies world-wide. Every global transformation or innovation program that we have worked on requires an upgrade in talent and employee engagement practices. Examples of recent client experiences include:

  • developing a comprehensive human capital and talent management strategy for a tier one telecommunications firm;
  • recruiting 10 new Product Development senior director and management positions to source new wireless competencies for an expanding telecommunication’s footprint;
  • recruiting a SVP of Information Technology for a leading and expanding retailer
  • developing a series of leadership development series workshops to align with a new corporate culture’s vision to operational focus

What makes us unique?

  • Helix has extensive global business networks and leverages social techniques to source the best talent to meet client needs.
  • Helix’s competency is in innovation, collaboration, portals, NPI, emerging technologies and new ways of working so when clients are looking for the best and the brightest – odds are we know who they are and where they are!
  • Helix has strong methodologies, toolkits and proven expertise in talent management service areas ranging from attraction, development and retention needs.

What our clients say about us:

  • We just completed a major restructuring and corporate re-branding. We had replaced our entire C level leadership team, and over 75% of our director positions were also new. We had to rapidly secure alignment on vision, journey milestones and performance metrics. Helix helped us get our journey roadmap completed in record time. We grew our business over 50% as a result of the transformation focus.” President, Fortune 500 Retail Company.
  • Helix helped us developed a comprehensive talent management strategy to support our new CEO’s vision and operating plan. The skills they have are comprehensive, focused and drive rapid value realization.” Chief Talent & HR Officer, Telecommunications Company.